SUMINOYU is a traditional Japanese hot spring ryokan (inn) located in the hot spring town of Shibu Onsen established since 1,300 years ago. It is the closest to the famous Jigokudani Yaen-Koen, famous for the snow monkeys, and frequented by foreign visitors. Come and enjoy a relaxing time in our natural free-flowing spring and in the hot spring town that full of rich atmosphere.


Jigokudani Yaen-Koen is a popular sightseeing spot that is quite unique in the world where you can see wild monkeys soaking in the hot spring. The park has been reported by foreign media and many foreign visitors come every year. The relaxed faces of the monkey enjoying the hot spring like people are a must see. The park is open all year round.
The monkeys of SNOW MONKEY PARK by Pavel German and Liz Tasker photography.


Shiga-Kogen is well known as a representative ski resort in Japan, where the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics were also held. SUMINOYU is close to Shiga-Kogen and you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in winter there. You will also be able to rent the latest skis from our sister hotel, the Shigakogen Olympic Hotel.

Onsen:100% natural Japanese onsen(spa)

Night view from the open-air bath

SUMINOYU is located at in the main street of Shibu Onsen town. From the bath on the 6th (the highest) floor you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the grand mountain range that reflects the setting sun and a view of the traditional streets of Shibu Onsen town. And after a stroll around the stone-paved street, you can soak your feet in the foot spa located in front of the entrance. There are also 9 public baths in town each with different effects. Take time out to relax in the hot spring baths that are popular for the soft touch to the skin.

Shibu Spa Town

Shibu Spa Town

Established 1300 years ago, Shibu Onsen town has a 600 meter-long main street of cobblestones and still has strong reminiscences of traditional Japanese culture. There are shops, temples, and 9 public baths in town. Visit the town in a yukata and a pair of geta and you will be able to experience the traditional Japanese hot spring culture.

Shibu Spa Town

Open Air Baths (Sotoyu)

These are public baths frequented not only by tourists but also local residents. It is said that if you try all the baths in order from No. 1 bath to No. 9 bath, and end the tour by visiting the Shibutaka Yakushi Temple located on a hill, your prayers would be answered and your wishes would come true.

Shibu Spa Town

Japanese Meal

SUMINOYU offers Japanese cuisine typical of each season. The delicate dishes created by our dedicated chef are extremely loved by foreign guests.

Japanese Meal
Japanese Meal

* Dishes shown in the photo are sample and contents
 change according to price.

* When check-in is over 19:00 cannot offer the dinner.

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