信州渋温泉 御宿 炭乃湯

Ryokan Suminoyu
in Shibu Onsen

Inspired by the warmth of thecharcoal fire, we named this inn"On-yado Sumi-no-yu". With the verywarmth in our hearts, we lookforward to your visit.

Welcome to the balneotherapy mecca

The history of the Shibu Onsen hot spring resort goes back to 1300. Soak in the natural medicinal hot spring which will warm you up to the core of your body.

Indulge the great Shinshu's panoramic mountain range view with the mellow sunset in the background from the grand hot spring on the 6th floor. Relax in the natural hot spring pouring straight from the source.

Safe bathing policy

"Blood sugar level? I don't have diabetes."
I know. Just note that even a healthy person could end up unconscious due to a sudden drop in blood sugar levels when you soak in bath on an empty stomach.
Also, note that hot spring isn't always utopia. It doesn't welcome you if you've drunk too much. Finally, please know that nutrients in the hot spring water is NATURAL. It might sometimes give you an allergic reaction or irritate your skin. Therefore, rinsing your body with tap water (warm or cold) before you get dressed might help.
We do NOT hold responsible for any consequence by bathing unprepared.


Modern Room
2 people
Bed + Futon

Japanese style modern guest room limited to up to 1 group with double occupancy a day

Limited to up to 1 group of 2 guests a day! Sparkling clean Japanese style modern guest room (Room size: 28 m²).

The capacity of this room type is up to 4 guests; 2 guests with bed and 1 guest with futon mattress if occupied with 3 guests for example.

No extra beds available for this room type.

Room details

・Two Simmons 120 size semi-double beds
・Japanese style wide chairs popular among women
・Comfortable tatami chair
・Bluetooth wireless speaker
・Full-automatic cleaning toilet (with washlet)
・40-Inch flat-screen TV
・Safe box
・Refrigerator [minibar] ・Yukata ・Bath towel ・Face towel ・Toothbrush ・Drawstring bag ・Hairbrush ・Razor ・Lotion ・Emulsion ・Hairdryer ・Air conditioning

Sleeping on the
futon mattress

Bright Japanese style room with the nostalgic "tatami" aroma

Stay warm and relax in our "kotatsu-style" table & blanket during the freezing winter season.

Room details

Toilet (with washlet), hairdryer, washbasin, refrigerator (minibar), yukata, bath towel, face towel, toothbrush, drawstring bag, safe box, air conditioning, TV

  • Wi-Fi
  • Air conditioning
  • toilet
  • No smoking
  • Parking
  • Credit Card
  • Japanese YEN

Check-in / Check out

Check-in / Check-out

  • Check-in starts at 1:00 pm
  • Check-out starts at 10:00 am

Check-in closes at 6:45 pm
Front desk open 6:30 am~10:00 pm


Online reservation is available.

Payment methods

Payment available in cash or credit card.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation charges apply after your booking has been confirmed.

10 people or less11 to 20 people21 people or more
No show / On the participation date100%100%100%
The day before the participation date80%80%80%
2 days before check in date50%60%70%
3-4 days before check in date30%40%50%
5-7 days before check in date20%30%40%
8-14 days before check in date15%20%
15-28 days before check in date10%
  1. In case you want to modify a reservation which is already confirmed, it will be considered as a cancellation and, regardless the number of days, 1-day cancellation charge will apply.
  2. If you want to partially cancel a confirmed reservation of 11 people or more when the "5-25 days before check in date" cancellation charge applies, the charge will not apply unless the number of guests to be cancelled exceeds 10% of the originally confirmed number.
  3. The cancellation charges above do NOT apply in case of illness or injury. However, we may ask you to send us a medical certificate.

Dining options

Out of our heartfelt hospitality, we proudly offer Shinshu's traditional dishes in order to decorate your memorable experience at Shibu onsen.

Don't forget to try local produce (subject to avaliability depending on the season) with rice wine from our local "sake" selection.

  • Dinner starts between 5:45 pm and 6:45 pm
  • Breakfast starts between 7:30 am and 8:00 am

Please note that dinner cannot be served if check-in time passes 7:00 pm.

※The menu changes from season to season.
※Image for illustrative purposes only. Actual product may vary.

About allergies

Allergic reactions vary from guest to guest, therefore it is difficult to completely adjust every allergic component of the food we serve. Please note that we do not hold responsible for any allergy related inconvenience which may occur. We appreciate your understanding in advance as your life matters.

Shibu onsen town

Make the rounds of all the warding-off-evil hot spring huts

Soak in each of 9 natural
medicinal hot spring.

Walk down Shibu onsen's
nostalgic stone-paved streets.

Shibu Onsen is a hot spring town with its main street which is 600m long. The cobbled streets are lined with 30 inns, nine outdoor baths, souvenir shops, gift shops, and restaurants.
The nostalgic cityscape, which might bring back memories of your childhood, is full of excitement. Why don't you experience good old Japanese life by walking donw in "yukata" and click-clacking in "geta" sandals on the stone-paved streets?

  • Business hours: 6:30 am ‒ 10:00 pm

HS No.3 "Wata-no-yu"

Therapeutic properties for healing wounds and improving fertility

HS No.6 "Mea-rai-no-yu"

Therapeutic properties for healing eye diseases

HS No.9 "Shibu-o-yu"

Therapeutic properties for healing rheumatism, nerve pain, and improving fertility
  • HS No.1 "Hatsu-yu"
  • HS No.2 "Sasa-no-yu"
  • HS No.4 "Ta-ke-no-yu"
  • HS No.5 "Matsu-no-yu"
  • HS No.7 "Nana-kuri-no-yu"
  • HA No.8 "Shinmeidaki-no-yu"

Restaurants in Shibu Onsen

Kogoi Confectionery Store

You can also try its popular "onsen manju" sweet buns with Japanese tea as soon as you arrive here. "Uzumaki bread" is popular among the locals as well.

(2-minute walk from the hotel)

Shibu Onsen diner "gonki"

With its stylish dining space and atmosphere crafted by a young chef, you can have a wonderful time with its great food, wine, sake and local beer.

(4-minute walk from the hotel)

Koishiya Cafe & Restaurant

Locals often stop by just for a cup of coffee. Crave further for pizza, pasta, curry and local beer.

(5-minute walk from the hotel)

Why not visit around here?

  1. Tokyo StationHokuriku Shinkansen(about 2 hours)
  2. Nagano StationNagano Electric Railway(about 1 hour)
  3. Yudanaka Station

SnowMonkey Park

The world-famous tourist destination without doubt. Wild monkeys show us humorous bathing scene. 4km from the hotel.

SORA terrace

Here at Ryuo ski park in Kitashiga Kogen, take the ropeway to the panoramic viewpoint about 1,770 meters above sea level. Indulge the sea of clouds and the starry sky tour.


Japan's leading ski resort with the highest altitude between about 1,500 and 2,000 meters. Enjoy the finest powdery quality of its snow.

How to access

Shibu onsen, Yamanouchi Town, Shimotakai Gun, Nagano Prefecture

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